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Beyond the Pretty: Creating a Lifestyle

Carla Morris

I am referred to as an Interior Designer, but it’s not exactly what I am. I’m a creator of lifestyles. I can place the furniture, find you a great fixture, lay carpet, all of that, sure, but it’s working with clients on the environment of the house, the feel that you want to evoke and surround yourself with in your home that matters most to me.


To “create a lifestyle” means I focus on making your home feel like you — a reflection of your true self. Your essence. Some people want their home to feel like them and then there are some people who want their home to look like what they want people to think they are. I don’t judge that. I get my pleasure from making people happy in “their” home. It’s up to me, as a creator of lifestyles, to figure out how you want your living space to be, then design and build a place that fulfills that for each individual. It’s why they’ve hired someone in the first place. 


Now, I know the idea of hiring a designer can be overwhelming. It can be a big commitment, but it doesn’t have to be. When you look at it as a whole, it’s huge. But don’t think of it like that. Think of it as just getting someone to help guide you to your vision of you. You can have a designer do an hourly consultation and help you with a vision, then you can put it together yourself, having periodic meetings as you go along. Or you can decide, “No, I want them to do everything.” As a designer, I don’t have one way of working. Every job is different, therefore the way I work is different. To me being flexible in design and finances has been what has separated me from most designers. To make “your house, your home,” I need that flexibility, because working with people in their house is very personal. This is your space, not mine. I ask questions that help me get to know you so that what I reveal in your house does not reflect me. When we’re done working together, all you should ever see is you, not me. I just happen to have the means — artistically, technically, objectively — to bring that vision to “your home.”


If you’re truly going to enjoy your living space, it has to be what you want it to be — perfectly put together, not perfectly put together. For me, that’s always been what drives me — figuring out who my clients are and what they want first then make it a lifestyle that they can enjoy, whatever that is — the essential them or not. I understand people so it’s a pleasure for me to help them create their home. It’s not that I don’t admire and appreciate beautiful furnishings & accessories — they’re the pretty. However, I am a people person and they are who I care about. When you’re doing your home, that needs to be what you are in tune with — you. Why are you doing this? Who is this for? No judgement, just truth so that whatever is revealed in your home makes you comfortable. Whether you work on it yourself or have help, your house should be a wonderful reflection of you.


Make your house, your home.

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