Our Story

It’s simple.

Leading a healthy, productive life starts with getting a good night’s sleep and in today’s fast-paced, over-stimulated world, doing so is becoming more difficult. Studies show that we are more sleep deprived than ever and that’s taking its toll on our every waking hour.

That’s where Sleep Club comes in.

Sleep Club is a site that supports effective living in both the Sleep and Awake sides of life by presenting practical and imaginative tools that positively support each.

We engage life experts who offer tips and tools for getting better, more fulfilling rest, showing how being well-rested is essential to not just getting through the day, but thriving in it.

Sleep Club brings all of these things together in one place to help make every sleeping and waking moment the best they can be.

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. You spend the other 2/3 awake.

Make the most of your life.