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Binaural Beats and Chronic Pain

Jessica Hagen of HealthTunes

When it’s necessary to consider how every movement you’re about to make will affect you, life can begin to feel like a constant battle and it’s easy to become disheartened. Suffering from chronic pain is exhausting and frustrating, but studies have shown listening to music inlaid with binaural beats may ease your discomfort and help you sleep better.


Binaural beats can help

In a study published in Alternative Therapies in Health Medicine entitled “Efficacy of Theta Binaural Beats for the Treatment of Chronic Pain,” physicians found, “The results supported the hypothesis that an external audio protocol of theta binaural beats (TBB) was effective in reducing perceived pain severity for participants.” Physicians found a 77% larger drop in the mean pain scores for patients using TBB intervention.


Luckily, with a natural remedy like binaural beats able to decrease perceived pain, there is less need for intake of medication. Decreasing discomfort inevitably helps one get a better night’s sleep. It’s a win-win.


The cost of chronic pain

Unfortunately, the overall cost of chronic pain is immense. Numerous articles have been published regarding how much this ongoing localized discomfort costs the United States annually and though it is difficult to measure the exact amount, Health Economists from Johns Hopkins University estimate the annual cost to be as high as $635 billion a year.


Adults with prolonged  discomfort can end up missing work and have difficulty performing everyday tasks. Stress from the side effects of chronic pain in everyday life can take a toll mentally, physically, and monetarily.


Often times physicians recommend forms of treatment that can be costly for patients, such as chiropractic care or acupuncture treatment. HealthTunes hopes to decrease the cost of health care for patients suffering from pain by offering MusicMedicine free of charge to everyone. Alternative therapies should be considered by physicians to keep costs down for patients, especially therapies that have shown positive results in medical research studies.


Sleep’s healing powers

For people without lingering  health concerns, getting a good night’s rest is important to feeling their best during the day. For people with health issues, however, sleeping well is vital not just for having better days, but advancing their overall wellness. Not only will higher quality sleep allow for better concentration and productivity, sleep improves how your immune system functions. Poor sleep has been linked to increased inflammation in the body and some believe chronic pain can be the result of persistent  inflammation.



Music enjoyment naturally triggers endorphins in your brain that can immediately improve your mood. Songs are powerful - sometimes more than the hurting you endure. For example, let yourself melt into the calming melodies of HealthTunes' “Analgesic Harp 1” playlist.


Try this with me: Put on your headphones and lie on your bed. Close your eyes and feel the notes resonate throughout your body. Allow your mind to move from one harmony to another along with the rhythm. Feel the energy of each note being played smoothly with every intention of decreasing your anxiety and pain. Sense the pluck of each string of the harp ridding your body and mind of the hurt you feel. If you notice your body feels tight, try to release the tension into the bed. Take a deep breath and relax every muscle. When the music ends, drift into a deep sleep as your body rests as comfortably as possible.


Through this practice, discover song’s power to relieve your mind of the incessant ache so you can relax and find solace in rejuvenating slumber.

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