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Black Friday and Cyber-Monday Buys to Sleep By

The Sleep Club Editors

‘Tis the season… to find deals and shop. Whether you like to go into the store on Black Friday to get the best savings on the coolest stuff or stay nice, cozy and out of the crazy fray by taking care of everything online on CyberMonday (Prime Days have come and gone, so no more of that although deals on Amazon for CyberMonday will probably still be killer), sales are kicking in for holiday gifting.

As we all know, of course, these two big shopping adventures are no longer on just one actual day. Black Friday and CyberMonday deals have been going on for a while now and it’s not too late or too early to dive in and go for it. With that in mind, we’d love to turn your attention to some sweet slumber buys to bring the cozy not just to your holidays but the new year in general.

For your ease and viewing pleasure, we’ve broken these up into four dreamy categories: mattresses/beds, linens & bedding, sleepwear/jammies, and relaxing escapes. Enjoy!


Great finds on mattresses & beds

Finding the right bed is very personal, and we definitely don’t want to tell you what’s best for you. In the world of mattresses, however, the higher the quality, the easier it is to get the perfect fit for your needs. That’s why Black Friday and CyberMonday are awesome times to upgrade your snooze situation with deals running from a couple of hundred dollars off to almost $1,000 or more.

In addition to finding something like a DreamCloud bed for up to $999 off — yes, you read right — many companies (including DreamCloud) are throwing in bedding and sleep accessories as a bonus. Not only are you getting the mattress of your dreams but comfy things to wrap yourself in while you sleep.

The Emma site is offering up to 50 percent OFF EVERYTHING during their Black Friday/CyberMonday extravaganza including their bed frames. The highly rated adjustable bed brand Tuft & Needle is making its crave-able mattress even more appealing by slashing $750 plus sales of up to 25 percent on all accessories. 

Both Helix Sleep and its eco-friendly sister-brand, Birch by Helix, are making it easy to get into a mattress that takes your slumber to a whole new level with their sales. When you go to the Helix Sleep site, you’ll see early Black Friday access codes, and with Birch you get $400 off their mattresses plus two of their Eco-Rest Pillows.

Obviously, these are just a few of the sales out there in the mattress world during this time of year when everyone and their mother is wooing you to buy their wares — Casper, Nectar, Awara, and more are blowing out — so take a look around and we just know you’ll find the sleep treat that suits your and your loved ones’ dream time.


Lush linens and bedding ready to woo

Okay, you have or gifted the mattress to make drifting off to dreamland that much better. What about how you dress it up? What do you cover yourself with when you are copping those zzzz’s? They say (whoever they are) it’s best to replace your sheets every 2-3 years. This may be the season you consider doing that with all the incredible deals out there to feel all fresh and fancy for the holidays and new year.

The soft, gorgeous bedding company, Parachute Home, has its gift guide up and ready for you to indulge. Not only do they have great Black Friday/CyberMonday deals, but the mix and match possibilities of either pampering yourself or someone special are beautifully inclusive. 

Another fan favorite bedding company, Pure Parima, elegantly puts holiday deals front and center on their website, immediately promising a 20 percent discount on their Egyptian cotton sleep products and accessories. All you do is use the code SLEEPBETTER at checkout and, voila!, 20 percent off. 

That 20-25 percent sale appears to be a Black Friday/CyberMonday sweet spot, with bedding companies such as luxe and eco-friendly Sijo, happy peppy Buffy, and innovative, body conforming Purple doing the same. But don’t forget good old stalwarts like overstock.com, Wayfair, Walmart and Macy’s — among others — which have mastered the art of offering a variety of options at “crawl over, push out of the way and break down the door” prices during the holidays.


Comfy, cozy, cute and cuddly

Getting soft, yummy jammies at the holidays is one of the favorite things for us at Sleep Club. Snuggling during these chilly months in something that screams cheery and bright just makes the day that much better. Companies know this and sleepwear is a family-friendly affair, truly, with gifts and products presented to tempt everyone you know.

Matching family pajamas is even a product category on the Land’s End site. Add to that the fact they are offering up to 70 percent off your purchase of their rugged, outdoorsy line, and you and your crew — blood or chosen — will be comfortably in tune.

Taking that even further is Cute Matchy, the clothing line completely devoted to family matching outfits and designs. Their Black Friday/CyberMonday deals are in full swing and the pajamas are sweet, fun, and full of personality.

If you’re just looking for yourself or someone special, however, Kohl’s, the clothing group that includes Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta, Victoria’s Secret, and trendy BooHoo — just to name a few — are all making it that much easier to get the comfy, cozy, cute and cuddly sleepwear you’re craving. 

Basically, Black Friday and CyberMonday are dreams for anyone seeking something new to put on their body and with pajamas being such a favorite gift, sleepy-time clothing is a steal wherever you look throughout this holiday weekend. 


Black Friday/CyberMonday, take me away!

Even if the mere thought of traveling DURING the holidays gives you a headache and is as far from relaxing as you can imagine, deals that give you a dozey getaway to look forward to are all around right now. 

“Ahhh…” inspiring escapes are yours for the asking on the Virgin Experience site. They are broken into categories such as Black Friday Spa Deals, Black Friday Afternoon Tea Deals, Black Friday Days Out, and on and on.

The swanky and fun CitizenM hotel group is all in for Black Friday and CyberMonday. With promises of up to 33 percent off at one of their hotels and a room they claim will give you the “best sleep ever”, this chain of affordable luxury accommodations is ready to make your stay as dreamy and stress free as possible AND for a great price.

Black Friday and CyberMonday are so old school. How about Black November? That’s what Secret Escapes has done, making the entire month a smorgasbord of sales to tempt your travel itch. Black Friday weekend, however, promises the biggest deals of all with up to 60 percent off on various excursions when you purchase from Friday the 25th through Monday the 28th. 

Travel go-to, Booking.com, is making holiday deals available for two weeks for Black Friday and CyberMonday watchers. Starting on 17 November, the up to 33 percent off pricing ends on 01 December and you get to choose from all the site provides to find the perfect relaxing vacation for you or your loved ones. Getting away from it all to wind down and chill out just got easier.


Ready? Set? Sleep shop!

Whether you’re looking for something to soothe and relax someone you love or are giving into some well-deserved self-care, the gift of sleep is one of the most caring things you can embrace and share. Right now, there are deals all over the place begging you to, “Come on, get comfortable, and feel more at ease!” 

Whatever you choose for your holiday shopping, we hope this little bit of info makes it less stressful to find what you’re dreaming of.

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