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Bundle Up: Warm, Fuzzy Sleep Tips

The Sleep Club Editors

Ah, winter. Warm, fuzzy sweaters, comfy blankets, and sitting in front of cozy fires holding hot drinks that slip down your throat and keep you toasty. There is something magical about the last and first season of the old and new year. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, the chill that lingers on the horizon during Autumn springs into life during those months of December through March and sometimes April — even as spring technically arrives. It is energizing, comforting, and even relaxing because many sleep better — you had to know we were going there — when it is cooler.

Let’s say, however, it gets FRIGID! Cold in a way that makes it almost impossible to find a comfortable position in your stalwart bed to blissfully snooze the night away because the air is way too chilly. It happens. You’ll need something to make you feel at ease, wrapped in whatever to help you snuggle down and drift away. We have just the things.

Join us as we take a journey through a trio of products in three of our warm, fuzzy categories to help you get the best night rest you can during the frozen days and nights that have arrived with the season.    


What and why is a blanket?

“Once upon a time…” (I love those stories). The blanket was created by a man named Thomas Blanket. Seriously. Way back when during the ten-hundreds, sheep were used for their milk and their wool. No big deal, just simply for the common man in Britain. Then by the thirteen-hundreds, English wool was the best in the world. In 1339, the local magistrate granted Thomas Blanket permission to weave the wool and he created what they called a “well-raised piece” for bed covering. The blanket was born and has become the staple for warmth and comfort ever since.

Now that we know that, what are some of the best, most snuggly blankies in the world? Everything is subjective, right? That means what makes me feel comfy, cozy isn’t the same as what works for you. But the general consensus on the blanket tip is that the following trio are among the best body coverings around.


Parachute Alpaca Boucle Throw

At Parachute Home, they present some of the most comfortable, sleepworthy accouterments possible. Their Alpaca Boucle Throw, however, is considered one of the most blissfully slumber wraps around. Nobby and lush, soft and cozy, this blanket is fluffy but lightweight, meant to keep you warm without overwhelming you. 


Family-owned and lovingly made

Bedrooms and More has been around since 1972. The Seattle-based family-owned company focuses on bringing products for the home that are sustainably sourced and reflect the beauty of the Earth. Their Topanga Matelasse Organic Throw is unique because its design is meant to expand over time, making the way it covers you and your bed even more immersive as the years go by. Rocking the Boho Chic vibe, it’s easy and casual while beautiful. Definitely one of our favorite cozy wraparounds of the season.


Body friendly without the thermostat 

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants around. It also does a hell of a job keeping your temperature regulated for the best night’s sleep. Cozy Earth taps into that brilliance with the oversized Bamboo Blanket. Moisture wicking, an Oprah favorite, and more breathable than cotton, it helps you drift away in delicious comfort.


Robed in comfort

It may seem really old school, but wrapping yourself in a robe late at night just does something for you. It warms you up, makes you feel safe and secure, and relaxes you. You can throw a robe on after anything and not wear a stitch of clothing underneath. Personally? I love kicking it around the house in these fluffy belted cloaks. It reminds me that bedtime is just around the corner. With that in mind, here are another three favorites that barely even hit the tip of the house dress — as my mother used to say — iceberg, but it’s a start.


The home store that’s taken home to heart

You may think of Restoration Hardware as that place with cool, retro and even vintage homeware to wow your friends and family. Their stuff is pretty awesome, to be honest. But they also have what many feel is the coziest robe around. Listed as “Luxury Plush Long Robe” on the website, it comes in four colors, is “simplicity” at its best, and is made of 100% poly plush. Honestly? We have no idea what that is but the fact that the fabric says “plush” makes us excited to wrap ourselves in it. Yum!


Fly away home

We need to mention Parachute again. They simply have wonderful sleep-friendly products we’d be remiss not to share with you. Their robe — the Classic Turkish Cotton Robe — is one of the must haves of the season, truly. Again, we’re big believers in simplicity and this is wonderfully made, beautifully designed, and a lush, easy fit just right for keeping warm when it’s cold and relaxing when it’s hot. Nice.


Year-round easy comfort

I don’t know about you, but I’m not one of those people who has different robes for different seasons. Natori known for versatility and comfort as well as cozy design regardless of the time of year may very well change my mind. The Natori Shangri-La Tencel Robe comes in a variety of colors, is affordable as quality robes go, and will keep you just as relaxed in the winter as it does throughout the year. 


Heads, hands, toes and… stomachs?

While wearing a hat, warm gloves, and socks can keep our body heat in, a good meal made up of certain foods can do the same as well. Indulging in the right ingredients ups our metabolism, thereby making us raise our body temperature and keeping us cozy, inside out.


Soup to warm the body

This will be of no surprise, we’re sure. A nice cup or bowl of hot soup works wonders to keep you warm and toasty when you’re feeling a chill. But it’s not as simple as having a hot bowl of something. If you make a soup of legumes and beans, grains like barley or farro, or things like potatoes or squash, it works even better. 



Magnesium is known to regulate body temperature and bananas have a bunch of it. They also have potassium that also helps warm you from the inside out — studies have shown that a lack of potassium can lower your body temperature, so feel free to indulge in those suckers. Whatever form you get, these little yellow delights will keep you cozy. 


Good fat is good and warming

Dried fruits, nuts, avocados — basically, anything that brings good fats into your life helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping it warm when you need it and lowering it when you don’t. Enjoying foods that incorporate healthy oils into your life keeps you comfortable all year long. Really.


Comfy, cozy, toasty-oasty winter 

It’s easy. Swath yourself in a comfy robe, wrap up in a lush blanket, and down delicious foods full of healthy fats to regulate your temperature to the max. Winter can be unbelievably brutal in some parts of the world and understanding how to keep the heat in so you stay comfortable and warm when you need it is important. These products help, sure, but there are more out there to make life easier as you traverse the season. 

As mentioned, this is just the tip of what is available to you. There are bed linens, clothes, mattresses, appliances and more to keep you toasty and cozy throughout this frozen time of year. 

We hope this helps and gives you a little something extra to call on when you need it.

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