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Celebrating Autumn in the Next Normal

The Sleep Club Editors

October has been a very unique month. It opened with a Harvest Moon on October 1st, which is a full moon around the time of the autumn equinox that rises almost with sunset and lowers around sunrise. The moon was also close to Mars and was the first of two full moons of the month. 

The tenth month of the year also ends with a special event on Halloween, besides, ya know, the actual holiday. This unique anomaly is called — wait for it — a Blue Moon. Literally. It’s known as that not for the color, but because it has the distinction of being the second full moon in the same month. Just think, we have both a Harvest Moon and a Blue Moon kicking off autumn. We found that not surprising at all considering the times we’ve been living in and how the world has been forever changed. 

Autumn is one of our favorite times of year. The weather turns crisp, the colors deepen and winter’s kiss floats upon the air. Nowadays, autumn is a little different, we know, but there is a beauty and wonder in sharing with others even from afar; a sort of reminder of what it means to be together as you embrace the spooky fun of Halloween and the meaningful whimsy of the “Remember Me” celebrations of Dia de los Muertos.


Falling in love with fall celebrations

This time of year kicks off two of the most prominent and immersive celebrations of autumn. Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are both incredibly family oriented, beautifully kid friendly, and gloriously engaging. Last year, we talked about the meaning of them both — their history and wonderful yin & yang. 

This year, we want to share the one thing they both have in common — togetherness. Even if you don’t dress up for Halloween or put up an altar for Dia de los Muertos, the delight of these two celebrations is how focused on “we” time they are. One ends October, the other starts November, and they both kick off what’s considered the quintessential holiday season, at least in the U.S. That communal aspect creates a feeling of warmth and calm, inherent joy and delight. 

Yes, we know that being together isn’t so easy right now, but there are many avenues to feeling together. What better excuse to get silly, happy, engaged, and connected with loved ones than some Halloween tricks and Dia de los Muertos treats? And we don’t need to tell you all of the amazing ways you can get online, see each other via video, social distance, etc. You already know that. You’ve been living it. We just want to remind you that there’s beauty in these two autumnal wonders that give them a natural crowd pleasing appeal that you can create no matter how far apart you are from those you love.


You do you

Celebrate the beauty of the autumn season and the glory of its ability to make your time with others even more special. There is something truly magical about the season, hence Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. The harvest, temperatures moving from hot to cold, leaves falling, animals preparing to hibernate, and friends and families nesting with each other, even across long distances. 

Reach out to your besties, touch base with your families, send an email to whoever matters to you, and create your own ways of celebrating this homey season that reflects you and yours. Sure, it’s Halloween and Dia de los Muertos time, but who says you can’t make up your own sort of transition from the warmth of summer to the cool of autumn indulgence? It’s another kind of life we’re all living, so live it to its fullest, enjoy it to the ultimate, and embrace the wonder that is you and yours.

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