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Cinco de Mayo: Celebrate by Phoning it in

The Sleep Club Editors

Today is Cinco de Mayo and maybe you have an awesome plan on how you’ll celebrate, but perhaps you’re at a bit of a loss. If you’re used to going out and kicking it at your favorite cantina and margarita bar, having a big hangout with friends or taking part in a block party, this may be feeling a little flat, to put it mildly.

We get it. Truly. And it’s for that reason we think we have some pretty cool ideas for you based around one central theme.

Phone it in. Literally. On every level.

Let us explain.


Order in

If you want to cook, that’s cool. As you know, we’re believers in the “home cooked meal.” We’re also watching a lot of our nearest and dearest struggling because their restaurant jobs and establishments are put at risk. This Cinco de Mayo, the deals are outrageous, the number of bars, liquor stores, restaurants and food services that are putting together special meals to celebrate the occasion are crazy. It is usually one of the busiest, most financially lucrative times of the year in the restaurant world and imagine how it must be to know you’re losing out on that revenue — whether you own the place or you just work there. So, why not forego cooking to throw a little support your local restaurant’s way? And who cares if it’s not a Mexican place? Order dim sum from the Chinese hole-in-the-wall down the street. Get a mess of Hawaiian barbecue and lay out a big spread for you and your family. Grab a bag of burgers from your favorite drive thru, watch the sunset and munch away. Wrangle up a mess of margaritas with tequila delivered by or picked up from the liquor store at the corner, toss back some beers, or even make up your own drinks by juicing some of the beautiful fruit that is on the verge of going to waste. Go on, get creative. Celebrating however you can in any way you want is highly encouraged. 


Order out

Health workers, people alone, homeless, essential workers — you get the drift — these are all folks who are stuck in the day to day in a way that isn’t the norm. Why not give a holler to some friends, pitch in and order food to be delivered right to someone in your neighborhood, a local hospital or doctor’s office, a grocery store, with an added, “Feliz Cinco de Mayo!”? Adding a little “give back” to the mix while wondering how to jerry rig a celebration of this festive occasion takes just a few minutes and some well-placed calls. There are so many delivery services right now that want to help you give the gift of a special meal to others and it’ll make such a giant difference to know they are being thought of and not forgotten.


Virtual or social distance toasting

Sure, there’s Zoom, Discord, Skype, Facetime — whatever trips your trigger to virtually hang with those you can’t be with. You can have a digital fiesta with your pals and family, eat some yummy food you either cooked or ordered from somewhere else, and really do it up right. And why not get dressed up for the occasion? This whole trend of getting all dolled up to take the trash out, go to the market or watch the newest episode of whatever on Fill In The Blank streaming service is incredibly freeing. Oh, and as far as decorations, have fun with it. If you have kids, let them draw, cut, color, string, whatever. Again, you can get really creative here. Oh, did you know that papier-mâché-ing an inflated balloon — and doing a few other things to gussy it up once it’s dry — reaps you a customized, all your own, one-of-a-kind piñata? Yeah, we’ll do a step-by-step on that sometime, but it does. 

Reach out to your neighbors. There are tons of online local forums right now and you can send out a suggestion to have a “social distance Cinco de Mayo fiesta.” Crack a beer, pour some cocktails, open your water bottle — whatever libation you like — then don your masks, step out your front doors at a specific time, and toast each other from afar. It brightens the mood and highlights that you’re all in this together.


Finding joy 

This chance to celebrate is one worth holding onto. It’s a great excuse to toss aside all worries and stresses and just have a great time in your own unique way. Cinco de Mayo is a true date of joy and balls-out fun to commemorate a victory. Use this day as your own triumph. Because today? You are here. And that is definitely worth a party.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Le deseamos buena salud y bienestar durante el resto de sus días. 

(Translation: Happy Cinco de Mayo. We wish you good health and wellness all the rest of your days.)

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