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Eat Well to Sleep Well

The Sleep Club Editors

A couple of — okay, FOUR — years ago, we shared a bit about the importance of a healthy diet to sleep well. The two go hand-in-hand and with all the studies that show both are vital to your well-being (and after way too many weird years of lifestyle being put to the test), we wanted to remind you once more but with more specific, delicious, and cool ways to decompress, slow your mind, and get a good night’s rest.

Thanks to experience and research, we have zeroed in on five of our top foods and drinks to help relax, chill out, calm the mind and gently lull you into slumber. Sure, we discussed the importance of eating well in a previous dining article, and okay, we did the whole, “Is Tryptophan really all it’s cracked up to be?” thing last turkey day to show you the truth behind that glorious bit of sleep-enhancer, but now we want to reveal those bits and bobs you can grab at the grocery and incorporate into your life to bring you the rich, blissful snooze you deserve.


A night-time omelet

This may sound crazy, but eating an omelet before bedtime can make getting a good night’s rest that much easier. Lean proteins are great for rest because they have tryptophan — it’s an actual amino acid that increases serotonin levels in the body —  melatonin, and Vitamin D, all of which eggs include. Add a bit of asparagus, kale or some broccoli to the omelet plus some avocado (good fats — we’ll get there), and you’re good to go. The combination is a sleep bomb. Chemistry!


Tart cherries (and their natural juice)

Similar to lean proteins, tart cherries naturally include the tryptophan amino acid and melatonin. Don’t add refined sugar, though. If you want to drink the juice, do it au naturale to get the full effect and drift away. That refined sugar thing is shown to lead to insomnia. A-yup.


Whole grains

Here we get into the world of complex carbohydrates like whole grain pasta, brown rice, beans — added bonus: beans with grains creates a complete protein, which is your friend for life — and so forth, have a bunch of Vitamin B6 and melatonin, and when combined with lean proteins, increase your tryptophan production, which, in turn, makes you sleepy, and that… well… ya know… leads to copping some comfy, cozy zzzzz’s. 


Chamomile (and other herbal) Tea

Chamomile tea as a sleep aid has been touted forever. But, why? Well, it contains antioxidants that are felt to make your slumber come easier and faster. Decaffeinated hot herbal teas in general, actually, are considered great to sip before bed. Our bodies slow down when we ingest hot liquids, calming our minds and de-stressing us naturally, lowering our body temperature, thereby making us ready to float away regardless of the ingredients. Remember, we said DEcaffeinated. None of this hardcore, full caffeine matcha before you slip under the sheets. Nope. And when you add a touch of honey, which helps your brain release melatonin, you’re in great, comforting, eyelid-heavy hands.


Good fats

You know about the good vs. bad fat thing, right? Unsaturated fats — avocados (told you we’d get here), certain nuts, seeds, and types of fish — are good. These are fats that are liquid at room temperature and they provide a lot of great benefits like improving your blood cholesterol levels and contributing to calming, soothing rest. Trans fats — like fried foods where the oil is hydrogenated — are bad fats. They harden in your arteries, causing high levels of bad cholesterol in your body, leading to heart disease and a whole slew of issues, the least of which is not making your rest any better.


Delicious slumber

The things we put into our body affect our daily life. It stands to reason, then, that our diet can make or break our rest as well. We are a walking, talking machine with a serious engine that needs to be fed, and our quality of fuel determines how we operate.

Eating well — meaning, healthy, nutritious, and delicious — helps you sleep, dream, and wake-up better. When in doubt, listen to this incredible system you live in everyday. It knows you, will clue you into what works and what doesn’t, and in so doing, takes care of you. And to thank it?

You take care of it.

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