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Elegant, Over-the-Top, Unique Ways to Celebrate Sleep Month

The Sleep Club Editors

With travel opening up and a relaxing of rules around interacting with others, giving into your desire to get a fantastic night’s sleep somewhere different and amazing seems to be closer than ever. Loving on Sleep Month is always a favorite of ours and discovering unique, dreamy, and memorable experiences to make slumber that much richer is something we adore. For many parts of the world, March is also Spring Break, so strap in and get ready for some beautiful, awe-inspiring and delightfully unique places and ways to get your sleep on this month.


Les Domaine des Bulles: Bubble, bubble, snore and snuggle

Imagine laying your head down, looking up at the stars and sky — even the rain — but you’re completely protected from the outside world. In the beautiful country of Martinique is Les Domaine des Bulles or The Domain of Bubbles. Each room is a partially transparent bubble that allows you to commune with nature from your pampered, protective cocoon. An on-site spa and top-notch restaurant run by French chefs add to the indulgent, soothing and comforting experience. 


Treebones Resort: Glamping taken to the next level

California’s beautiful Big Sur coast is a magical place. There is a deep, soothing calm to the lush nature and hearing the sound of the Pacific Ocean right outside your door. It is here that glamorous camping — aka glamping — is taken to a whole new level at Treebones Resort. You can choose from one of the relaxing, comfortable yurts or slip under the sheets inside the campsite’s human nest. The restaurants are a delicious respite that off-site guests are welcome to experience. In keeping with the wonderful sense of solitude provided by the accommodations, however, diners are not allowed to tour the premises or wander the grounds unless they are staying at the lodge. Your privacy and comfort are always the priority at Treebones. 


Elewana: An adventure buffet

The experience of being in the wide-open spaces of Africa is beyond words. The air is pure and fresh, filled with the scent of the different flora and the musky aroma and riveting sounds of the various animals, and imbued with an indescribable energy. Here, sleep is rich and welcome, dreamy and winsome. One of the most exquisite ways to enjoy this extraordinary continent is at one of the many luxury camps throughout the land. A favorite among travelers is the stunning Elewana Collection with camps peppered across Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Kenya. What Elewana offers is more than just rooms and good food — it’s an adventure and a new way of relaxing that feels of a bygone era. Going out on safari to view and commune with nature in ways you’ve never done before invigorates you and at day’s end, your slumber is that much deeper and satisfying. 


Tree House Lodge: Eco-slumber in Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast 

Don’t get caught up in the name. Costa Rica’s Tree House Lodge is not just another “tree house” resort. It is ten acres of beachfront escape that is an undeniable part of nature. An eco-lodge located on the country’s Caribbean Coast, Tree House Lodge encompasses six unique houses to choose from: Beach House, Beach Suite, Tree House, The School Bus (yes, check it out), Garden House, and Crystal House. Each offers a different experience meant to bring you the ultimate solace and relaxation. All are built with sustainable or recycled materials, are open air, and full of whimsical shapes and vivid colors. Every aspect of the lodge is created to help you dive in and enjoy each moment of your day to the fullest then retire to the comfort of a room designed for the sole purpose of a perfect night's rest.


Sleep Well Westin: A multi-locale slumber promise 

It wouldn’t feel like celebrating Sleep Month without sharing some special perks created by one of the world’s largest hotel chains: Westin. Called “Sleep Well at Westin,”  the 30-state offering — also found in Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada locations — focuses on supporting the best night rest possible through its Heavenly Bed, Sleep Well Lavender Balm bedside amenities, and its Sleep Well Menu that includes superfoods especially prepared for a good night’s rest. Their Heavenly Bed is available not just for humans but for pets as well, and can be purchased for home use. Westin takes sleep very seriously and the care with which they provide this option makes your stay that much more indulgent and comfortable for it.


A delicious, indulgent slumber every day 

What we’ve shared with you are rather over-the-top ways of getting your best 7 or 8 hours of restful slumber. We realize that. And with travel just opening up, many of us who normally jump at the chance to enjoy something like this may choose to opt out until we feel more comfortable. Understood. Well, then, what to do in the meantime, here at home — wherever that home is — to make the most of not just Sleep Month but every single day? 

Here are our four quick go-tos that seem to help once you get into the rhythm:

Create a sleep schedule (and stick to it), put together a comfortable environment for you to grab your snooze, get yourself some great stress relieving routines to help you wind down comfortably — yoga, meditation, working out, whatever fits your lifestyle — and shut down your media and that blue light stuff at the end of the day. 

Always remember, if you are having some serious sleep issues, talk to your physician or a medical professional. Taking care of yourself through proper rest is vital, and whether you’re sleeping under the stars in a bubble in Martinique or cuddling up in your bedroom at home, take every opportunity to support your restful slumber. You deserve it.

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