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Last Minute Gifties

The SCE & The Dream Team

No matter the holiday you celebrate this winter season, the giving and receiving of gifts plays a central role. As we look at all those days that matter during this time looming on the horizon, we thought we’d get some ideas of what a few of our Dream Team members are looking forward to, have given or have gotten that may spark your own last minute shopping. 

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired to jump in your car or go online for that “ah-HA!” moment of gift giving joy.


Amy Swift Crosby

Oh boy, one year I really wanted roller skates - and I did get them! I also wanted a performance stage, and I did eventually get that. Today I don’t want very much, but I love a special book, paper goods or pens, super soft sheets, blankets or pajamas. I’ll take a bundle of palo santo and beautiful matches. I love Kim Krans’ work - her tarot decks and new archetypes deck are good for anyone who likes to explore the mystical. I wouldn’t be mad about a Moncler coat. We’re going to Quebec City for the holidays. I also co-founded a stretch studio called BDY SQD, with infrared saunas and compression therapy, and we’re selling a lot of gift certificates to people who want to give the gift of recovery. People have tight bodies in this modern life. It’s clear that the gift of pain relief and detoxification is a good one. Experiences can just be so much better than things.

SCE Note: Check out Amy’s blog, Smarty People,  to learn more about her POV and read more of her amazing writing.


Carla Morris

My favorite gifts to give and get are made by someone’s loving hands. It could be food or craft — the time it takes with the thought that goes into the journey is the warmth I love to give & get.


Isabelle Boesch Bridges

This year I would like to receive one of those things that keeps your back aligned and in good posture :)

SCE Note: Visit Isabelle’s website, isabellebridges.com, to discover her beautiful philosophy on motherhood and her group, the Mom-ME circle. 


Jessica Hagen

My yearly struggle is figuring out what to give to others! Maybe I’ll just look at what the other dream team members recommend and take some of their suggestions. As far as things I’d like to get, I’m always happy to receive a great pair of slippers or a unique cookbook.

SCE Note: Indulge in music to soothe, enlighten and heal at the site where Jessica adds her creative input, healthtunes.org, and brighten your holidays through sound.


Kelsey Searles

I've been making an effort to purchase most of my gifts from small-businesses this year, and each gift is thoughtfully purchased for the particular person (so no go-to gift for everyone. They range from handmade jewelry, comfy and stylish sweats, to streaming yoga classes.) However things I always appreciate time and time again are new bed linens, a nice bottle of olive oil, a good throw blanket for cuddling on the couch, a great night cream, or a beautiful basket. 


Rose Bridges

I try to make most if not all of my gifts to people. I give fewer gifts, but they mean more. I have the measurements of all of my family members and I usually make the guys hawaiian shirts or robes and my mom some sort of cool top or outerwear. The fabrics are hand picked for each person. For myself, I love classes or experiences — cooking, crafting, massage, etc. — or little mementos from travel. Usually my husband and I treat ourselves to a joint experience rather than big ticket gifts.

SCE Note: Visit Kelsey and Rose’s website, MiliMili, for beautiful blankets to keep your little ones cozy as well as checkout their line of Sleep Club curated products.


Sarah Brokaw

Unique holiday gifts to GIVE:  For the people who don’t want gifts:  Something through the Heifer Foundation (Heifer International)  that provides a list of countries that are in need of resources but can’t afford them. For example, I just bought two baby trees in my sister’s honor for a village in Guatemala, and three chickens in honor of my other sister for a village in El Salvador. For those who want gifts:  I always seem to find amazing gifts at flea markets. From old books to vintage jewelry, and some other fun knick knack. Yes, I am all about Reuse, Recycle…  

SCE Note: Sarah’s blog is one of our faves. The issues, emotions and more she jumps on are beautifully thought provoking. Give it a look at sarahbrokaw.com and if you’re looking for a great read to give to someone this holiday season, check out her books (conveniently listed on her website). Wonderful.


Gifts that keep on giving

From the gift of time spent together to big ticket items like cars and computers to simplicity like letting someone sleep in longer, presents at the holidays have a special kind of sparkle and glow. We hope these gift wishes give you some ideas to help you ask for and give back to those who matter most in ways that create a special place in your heart. 

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