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Reach Out and "Touch": Embracing Community to Rest Easier

The Sleep Club Editors

Summer is coming into its zenith, temperatures are on the rise, U.S. tax day can no longer be put off (unless of course you get that October extension), and the new school year is right around the corner in one way or another. Whatever was before has changed and tomorrow has a different face. As we’ve gotten used to distancing from others and whatever else we need to do these days, it’s been our experience that one of two things is happening: either we’re getting more involved with people around us and our community as a whole in completely unique ways, or we’re no longer engaging the way we used to.


When you think about it, getting out of your own head is really helpful when things feel too big or overwhelming. It’s not always easy, mind you, but it changes your perspective and adds a bit of optimistic hope and good feels that your heart and soul need during such moments. 


In our opinion? Reaching out and touching those around us keeps us sane. It brings us immense joy and releases us from the stress and strain of whatever is toiling our brains. Doing for others literally enhances our well-being and relieves the pressures of our daily life. And these don’t have to be big gestures. Oh, no.


Every little bit we do for others, lightens the mental and emotional load we often carry.


“You give a little love and it all comes back to you…”

Yes, I saw Bugsy Malone when it came out in movie theatres. No, I won’t tell you my age. HOWEVER, blah-blah-blah years later, the final song — and this line in particular — still sits in my heart. Random acts of kindness, little bits of warmth you show others bring happiness not just to them, but to you too. A smile, a shared laugh, holding the door, asking, “How are you?” and really listening to the answer — these little things matter. They show you care. These are the simple moments that make a big impact.

All of that joy shared outward bounces back to you, enters your soul, fills your heart and lifts the weight off your shoulders. Even if for just a moment.

And, ya know, it only takes a moment to build a sense of, “Ahhhhh…”


Sparing is caring

A shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, an afternoon cleaning up your neighborhood, a day mowing someone else’s lawn — simply “sparing” your time. It may not seem like much but it makes a difference to those who benefit from your generosity and their gratitude makes you feel good. 

Feel good… see that? Buoying your spirit, getting that warm fuzzy inside — it’s nature’s way of helping you forget your woes, relax into happiness and enjoy your life for a while.


Succumb to kindness

Another part of all of this is accepting the beauty, the wonder, the care that makes its way to you. Many of us have a hard time receiving help from others, compliments, gifts, kudos, you name it. Being the give-ee instead of the give-er makes some of us feel uncomfortable and we simply don’t know what to do with it. 

Pay it forward. Why not? Show how much you appreciate what someone else has done for you by doing for others in whatever way works for you. Keep that buzz going and pass it on. Wallow in the kindness you are shown then shower it upon others.

Life is a wonder. Sometimes joy reigns supreme and sometimes shit gets hard. As out of control as everything can be, remember you are not alone. There is a whole community out there ready to embrace and be embraced by you. Even in the midst of this moment, there are bright shining examples of delight to remind us just how good it feels to feel good; to do good. Knowing that helps us rest easier.

Relax and enjoy your shared moments.


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