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Restful Romantic Escapes

The Sleep Club Editors

‘Tis the season for romance. Yes, indeed. Although we are of the opinion that there really is no actual season for showing your loved one how much you care and treating them to the glory that is romance — love is an everyday sort of thang — February has that special day in it. And, so, we thought we’d highlight five different escapes that are perfect for kicking back, luxuriating and relaxing into the bliss that is your partner.


Two Bunch Palms

THE PLAYER is a film that’s pure Hollywood insider. The tracking shot alone at the open introduces you to how it is in that rarefied world we know way too well. However, that’s not what makes us all fuzzy inside. The film highlights the exquisite Two Bunch Palms Spa and Resort and we couldn’t be happier. This is a couple’s paradise — filled with delicious spa food that the locals in Desert Hot Springs love as much as the guests and treatments that are escapism times ten. It is a hedonistic experience that feeds romance wonderfully. Mud baths, massages, saunas and a nice dose of amazing sleeping accommodations and mineral pools to lose yourself in under the night stars of this desert hideaway. Yep. Romantic doesn’t even come close.


Treehouse Hotel

Treehouse Hotel is beyond. It’s an extravaganza of hidden treasures that plays to the kid in you and yet supports that delicious need for an intimate rendezvous with your significant other. An Airbnb staple in Atlanta, this extraordinary spot has three rooms connected not by walls but a rope bridge. The bed is on wheels so you can roll it out to watch the stars and fall asleep under the Georgia sky. Intimate, wholly unique, Treehouse Hotel is close enough to downtown Atlanta that you don’t feel completely detached but secluded enough that you can imagine you have entered another world.


Capella Hotels

We’re not really franchise people. Some of our favorite spots tend to be these one off, nothing like it experiences you’ll never find replicated although we never turn our noses at those multiple, wonderful escapes that come in different shapes and sizes around the world under one umbrella. Capella Hotels is one of those and here’s why — each location has this feeling of otherworldliness, seclusion, romance that is unique to the country and city it’s in. Whether it’s in Bangkok, the Maldives, Dusseldorf or any number of its locations, you and your honey-bunny will feel pampered, adored, and relaxed in a way that is the stuff of dreams. The individual hotels give you a taste of the culture around you and allows you to indulge in the most wondrous of things together — life.


Ultima Thule Lodge

Okay, we admit it. We’ve got a thing for the Alaskan Wilderness. Call it that childhood dream of going off on adventures, meeting up with moose, months with no sunlight — we’re night people — and a fascination with the Inuit people. Yep, we know. It’s not for everybody, but seeing Ultima Thule Lodge is definitely for anyone seeking a desire to connect, reconnect and lose themselves in their sweetheart. The expanse of the wilderness and the ability to be a part of it in a way that is both adventurous and luxurious will give into that wild side you two share or want to spark as well as that cozy, huggable need to wrap your arms around each other and watch the lack of civilization make you feel, well, more civilized.


There’s No Place Like Home

No matter where you live, no matter what kind of domicile you live in, we believe that home, true home, really is where the heart is. Creating a haven for you and your special someone to cuddle, indulge in the glory that is each other at your own space is one of the most romantic ways of being together. Staycations are awesome and there’s so much you can do to turn your everyday into something special and amazing. Simple things like candles, a gorgeous meal eaten languidly together, creating a romantic environment in ways that matter to you in your own place will often trump all of the getaways elsewhere you’ll ever experience. Love is in the air all around you and enhancing it not just in the month of romance but all the time is easily done at and in your own home.


Wouldn’t it be nice…?

Valentine’s Day wasn’t created by greeting card companies. It’s been around since about the 5th Century and has various origin stories although Saint Valentine was a real person. Ultimately, the 14th of February is that day of celebrating love, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were everyday? All the time? You can escape to any and all of these places and more to relax with, revel in and romance that special someone anytime you want. You don’t ever need a special day, even if it’s just taking yourself away to regenerate and give yourself the love you deserve. Because the day you give over to the glory that is love, it is special.


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