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Sleep Month: Why We Love It (Beyond the Obvious)

The Sleep Club Editors

We are sure you won’t be surprised that we love the month of March. It’s 31 days of Sleep Awareness and seeing as we are all about all things snooze, we are thrilled that the world is taking time to embrace the beauty and benefits of a blissful night’s rest. 

Blissful night’s rest… How glorious are those three words? They are filled with the promise of relaxation so many of us don’t give ourselves. Do you know that feeling when sleep is just, well, flowing over, through, and in you with perfect, total immersion? Your body feels like it’s floating. The bed and covers disappear into the waking world because you’re moving into pure, complete dreamland. There’s this slightly tingling feeling of total, absolute freedom from worry, muddled thought, or stress. A wave of warm delight fills you as you drift away to that magical place where all is right, all is good, and your slumber is so deep, you sometimes don’t even remember our dreams.

Sleep. Real, calming, honest rest is worth celebrating, hence this whole month set aside for just that. And while that may seem why we love this month so much — we are called Sleep Club, after all — there’s more to it.


Sleep well, live well

Wellness is an overall state of being. Our hair, our skin, our breath — these all come together to complete the whole. Legs move our entire body, not just the limbs alone. Hair flows from our scalp — these lush locks need our head to grow from. And our heart, our mind need as much of our greatest care as our exterior. Often, more.

Sleep is a full mind and body tonic. When done well, it gives us everything we need to face the day. The benefits are vast and so much more than we ever thought. Nothing new there, of course. A good, well-had slumber helps our body rejuvenate through the night, gives our mind a chance to stop and refresh itself, and gives us focus. It is the key to so many things, there’s not enough space here to even list them all.

Sleep Month reminds us of just how important, wonderful, and vital a snooze is. It’s when we focus on how much those few hours a day mean to our well-being. And it’s why we love this time of year so very much, why we feel it matters so deeply. 


Mind, body and soul 

Lack of sleep is linked to weight-gain, diabetes, heart disease, intense stress, mental confusion — the list is huge and fairly surprising, when you think about how much we tend to take slumber for granted. Even now with all of the information on how important it is, that little bit of natural care can evade us at times. We put it aside to focus on other “more important” things, we figure we’ll catch up on our sleep — not so easy — and all those other rationalizations we make for dealing with something we view as not essential because it’s always there, right? It’ll work itself out.

Well, no, actually. Having a good rest regiment is as important for our self-care as physical, mental and emotional fitness. It’s part of our daily routine and it deserves our attention. Slumber — true, good rest — is a key to striking a healthy physical, emotional and mental balance in our life. Showing that, honoring it as richly as we can is what Sleep Month is all about. Total, full wellness of your being.


Indulge your snooze

March reminds us that sleep matters and maybe, just maybe, it can prompt us to keep that in mind all year long. If it does, perhaps we’ll give ourselves time in the evening to rest easy, rest well, and lose ourselves in blissful slumber. 

The 19th is World Sleep Day. We all have our ways of creating restful nights for ourselves. Why not indulge in some pure relaxation and kick off the forever of your sleeping life on that day? Just close your eyes, slow your breathing, and embrace the beauty of zzzzz.

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