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Staying In: Finding Solace in Imposed “Me” Time

The Sleep Club Editors

We are living in interesting times. Very true. Most if not all of us are required to stay in our own homes, keep social distance (a new turn of phrase that makes me think of “conscious uncoupling” for some reason), instead of traveling or going out. It can seem rather isolating, even lonely. Well, our thought is to change that and make it, well, dreamy.

Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation are big on our “to do” list. Always have been. They go hand in hand with getting enough sleep, enough exercise, and feeding our imagination and passion. At a time like this when stress and worry are at an all time high, we seek ways to turn them on their head. In a special “find solace in the unexpected” article, we take a look at ways to see this as a respite rather than a confinement and a chance to get in touch with the wonder that is you.


Baby, you can drive your car

Long drives are very freeing and day trips along a coast, into the woods, through the desert, wherever your world lies, are fantastic ways to clear your mind and even get back in touch with nature. Yep, we know it may be rainy, snowy and grey in some places out there, but even this can add to the magic of the moment, a pure escape. While renting a different car than your own does wonders, you may not feel comfortable doing so right now — our spies out there are telling us that all rental car agencies are being super OCD with cleaning cars between use, but we totally get it if it’s not something you want to even consider. Regardless of how you motor down the highway  — which is far less congested than usual right now, a major bonus —  turn on that engine, push on the pedal and roar down the open road for a day, a weekend, a week, whatever you like. It’s a small thing, but that little change can make you feel like you’re on vacation, takes you out of your confinement pretty safely, and gives you a much-deserved change of scenery. Roll that window down, open that sunroof, pull down that convertible top on a sunny day, watch the weather if wet and grey, and drive yourself into freedom’s warm embrace.


Pamper yourself

Showing yourself some self-love is a daily thing, in our opinion, but we do fully realize you often may not have — or take — the time. When you’re faced with something as unique as HAVING to stay in or curb your activities, it seems to hit two speeds — either a slower, more languid pace or more harried and stressed. Most businesses are running on skeleton crews for now and if this affects you, look at it as freeing up some much deserved time for you. Changes in routine can make you feel left behind and out of sorts. Give yourself a manicure, relax in the tub with beautiful smelling bath bombs, salts, oils and lotions. This is an all in, all gender treat. No matter the situation, you always deserve some “me” time. Treat yourself well. 


Make your home your escape

You’re already stuck at home, so try this twist — luxe out your living space. While you’re out buying up essentials, get some little touches that brighten up your inner world — flowers, plants, unique candles, whatever trips your personal aesthetic trigger. You may not be able to go out to restaurants right now but pretty much every single one is either offering takeout or home delivery. Choose a meal from one of your favorite spots, have food brought in and create a personal dinner party for one, you and your mate, or your fam. We know of someone who set up her new dining table with stuffed animals, her dog and created a whimsical evening that made her smile. The beauty of your house as a blank slate is that you can decide how you want to bring that to life, and using this time is a great way to expand your imagination on the possibilities of how to turn your dreams into reality in as many different ways as you want. 


Go off the grid

Turn off your mobile, unplug the televisions, put away the laptops, shut off the lights. Sit and listen to the night, read a book by candlelight, build a fire pit in the backyard and cook on the open flames. Pull yourself away from that “blue light” that makes it so hard to sleep and messes with your dreams. And you know as well as we do that getting poor sleep makes the being awake part that much harder. Maybe it’s one night a week or perhaps it’s the entirety of this unique time, but choosing to get yourself off the grid is calming and brings your circadian rhythm back into balance as well as gives you the chance to relax — REALLY relax. With artificial lights gone and any interruptions to your ability to lay back, be in the moment, embrace the beauty around and in you, the sky unfolds for you and the sounds of nature’s song transport you. Each season has a different sound, smell, taste, and feel. Off the grid, you can truly experience this time of year with all of your senses.


Live your best life

We live in a “gotta get it done NOW” world and have forgotten the small pleasures of “taking your time.” You may be thinking, “How can I take a true bit of respite if I’m being forced to stay home and am concerned with what is going on out in the world?” We definitely don’t assume to diminish anything you may be feeling or are worried about. Turning this on its head and using the time given to you to do something you’ve always wanted to do — going online to learn a new language, craft or musical instrument, gardening, cleaning your house, painting that room you keep putting off, exercising, reading, whatever — really does help you relieve stress and if there’s anything we can say about that, we do know discovering the calm rather than giving into the angst keeps you healthy and relieves your mind.

We wish everyone good health and quick recoveries, calm in the midst of the storm and support and positive energy. Please take this as permission to enjoy escapist bliss and allow yourself to make the most of this “me” time so you can rest easy.

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