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Surviving Summer Insomnia

Jessica Hagen

Millions of people struggle with falling and staying asleep at night during the winter months, but when summer strikes the rate of insomnia increases substantially. The later sunsets and earlier sunrises — remember natural light or lack thereof can affect your circadian rhythm — the need for more hydration due to the rise in temperatures, allergies, and elevated heat contribute to difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. At HealthTunes, we are acutely aware of how deeply insomnia can create more intense health problems during the summer months. We view it as a malady that must be eradicated as strongly and completely as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. 


Not a myth

There’s an actual physiological reason for summer insomnia. Low-level light or persistent and lingering light later in the day contribute to our going to sleep later than in cooler months and waking up earlier. Add that to the fact that temperatures are higher — and optimum sleeping degrees are between 60 and 67 making it harder to attain during the summer, no matter how wonderful your AC is — it’s harder to get and stay asleep in June through September. What happens with that low-level light, however, is also suppression of melatonin production. Melatonin, as you know, is the chemical in our body that supports a good night’s sleep. If it is secreted in shorter supply than other times of the year, then, well, it’s no wonder we’re having a hard time getting the right amount of zzzz’s in. And we don’t need to tell you what that does to your body. You’ve been hearing about the lack of sleep and need for better, more fulfilling rest on Sleep Club since, well, the beginning.

At HealthTunes, we are pushing for a solution to this seasonal ailment with our yearly Defeat Summer Insomnia campaign. The fundraiser begins now and seeks the support of each person on the planet to ensure everyone can reap the benefits of the natural remedies we offer to support  users on their quest to achieve a better night’s sleep.   


Summer restlessness

We feel deeply that seasonal sleep issues don’t just deserve but demand attention. HealthTunes works hard to provide soothing, calming solutions to support more restful snoozing during what has proven to be a fractured time, and has been working to assist with this since we opened our doors. We know how seasons affect your well-being and sleep patterns. Summer is a rough time for those of us who already struggle with getting a good night’s rest at other times not to mention everyone who slumbers easily during the rest of the year only to have these longer days, shorter nights throw them off. Lack of sleep is an epidemic that is too often shoved aside and well-being is adversely affected if rest is diminished for too long. It’s why we created this fundraiser. 

When you donate to the Defeat Summer Insomnia campaign, you help the HealthTunes team allocate the resources we need to create additional sleep playlists in varying genres to fit all users’ tastes. Your contribution also allows us to further seek out and provide you with comprehensive medical research to increase your knowledge of how music and sound benefits your slumber. Knowledge is power and we believe that by giving you access to research with tips for a natural sleep cycle and music, you gain the deeply resonant benefits of a holistic sleep remedy that can be rest-changing.

We have a goal in mind for our defeat insomnia campaign and we know with your help we can reach it. By raising $1,000 within the next two weeks, we can expand our musical offerings and make the difference needed to get us one step closer to destroying summer insomnia.  Summer insomnia… it sounds so specific, doesn’t it? But this truly creates a unique set of emotional, physical, and mental health issues that are unparalleled in other seasons and stand in the way of our truly enjoying time off with family and friends. 

Every donation we receive is 100% tax-deductible and by simply clicking here, you can contribute in any amount that is comfortable for you. HealthTunes strives to offer you the best music therapies possible by combining medical research with music that’s shown success. By helping us meet our goal in the coming weeks, you can get one step closer to achieving the kind of rest you deserve. 

We at HealthTunes thank you in advance and truly appreciate your support! Sleep well.

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