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The Return of the Getaway: More Unique Wellness Retreats that Highlight Sleep

The Sleep Club Editors

“Everybody needs a little time away, I heard her say…” That’s the beginning of the song “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago, which isn’t about health and wellness in the lifestyle sense but is about self care in its own way. Regardless, the reason it feels appropriate to open with this line for this particular sharing is because it’s true.

Everybody needs a little time away to refresh, regroup, reconnect, and relax.

We all found our traveling derailed for a little while but with the world reopened and the ability to “get outta Dodge” made available again, making it possible to indulge in a little pampering “me time,” finding something a little different, more hedonistically immersive is something we have made our mission. Needless to say, we’ve researched those places that make the art of slumber a priority and discovered way too many to mention, but here are five to sleep by. 


Lulled by Science: Rosewood, International

The Rosewood Resorts have sleep friendly places all over the world including California’s Montecito and Menlo Park, the British Virgin Islands, Vancouver, British Columbia, Mexico’s Riviera Maya, and more. They established the Alchemy of Sleep across a range of their exceptional escapes, combining practices across mindfulness and movement, nutrition, and a variety of treatments and experiences that transport and transform your slumber and rest. The intent is incredible and the escapes are beautiful. 


The eye-closing wonder of the world: Six Senses

With a sleep doctor on site at most if not all of their escapes, the Six Senses resorts are not only completely indulgent for mind, body and soul, but are created for your joyful snooze. With wellness programs geared to slumber across the globe, slipping into a glorious sleep with the help of various experiences in each of these luxurious retreats is a pleasure. And the unique, extravagant locales? Well… if you’re gonna go to sleep, sleep big.


Delicious slumber: Preidhlof, Italy

Adults only and award-winning, Preidhlof Resort in Italy is surrounded with beautiful hotels and luxurious escapes. This wellness retreat, however, truly espouses the joys of “la dolce vita” or “the sweet life” with various treatments meant to promote a sense of well-being that surpasses anything you’ve experienced before. They espouse a perfect balance of the hedonistic — pursuit of pure pleasure — and eudaimonic — pleasure derived through experiences of meaning and purpose. Ultimately, the goal is to have you leave exquisitely rested and fully rejuvenated.


The Sweet Life: Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Living long and prospering comes from truly embracing the kind of rest and relaxation that makes a difference. The beautiful Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland has a focus on longevity treatments, and what better way to extend your precious life than through healthy, successful, and regenerative sleep? Holistic and luxurious, the resort is nestled among chalets and supports a program to help you make the most of life that incorporates healthy, fervent rest for a long happy life. 


Rest easy in the city that never sleeps: The Benjamin, New York

There is a program created for those who stay at New York’s indulgent The Benjamin Hotel called “Rest and Renew”. Its sole purpose is to encourage a great night’s slumber and is overseen by sleep medicine expert Dr. Rebecca Robinson. It includes the right foods, exercises, pillows, meditation practices and much more for getting well-deserved shut-eye, making this all-inclusive relaxation spot one of the best places to get your zzzz's on in a city known for its fervent nightlife.


Escape to wondrous rest

Yes, all of these are indulgent, luxurious, over-the-top ways to get the best rest your heart desires. The joy here is that they offer the chance to really give into the relaxation you deserve, the sleep you need. Many of your local lodges and wellness retreats offer ways to enjoy a blissful respite without paying exorbitant fees and many have seasonal specials. We share the above to show you the truly hedonistic wonders that promote elaborate and wholly indulgent escapes because you absolutely, positively deserve it.

Everybody needs a little time away… in pampered, completely indulgent bliss.

And that includes you.

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