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The True Meaning of “Wellness”

The Sleep Club Editors

We’re a wellness site. What does that mean really? Does it mean we create products and articles that support your mental, emotional and physical well-being? Sure. It also means that whatever we bring your way is meant to offer positivity and a universal sense of pure, total fulfillment for every single person. That matters to us. We take it very seriously. And hope that whatever we bring you on these pages genuinely helps your overall health.

“Health.” Ah… there’s a word, isn’t it? The word “Health” means “the state of being free from illness and injury.” That is what we support, why Sleep Club exists — the well-being and “health” of all. And lately... well... There's been a lot going on out in the world that’s shown that the health of some is marginalized for the benefit of others. It’s shined a glaring light on issues that have existed far longer than our hearts can almost bear. The sorrow we feel at the state of affairs, the situations that have led to where we are now is overwhelming. And we are pained by the health and wellness that has been so consistently treated with such disdain. 

Wellness is an inalienable right of every person on this planet. That means that no matter who you are, no matter your race, color, religion, gender or ideology, you have the right to engage in those activities that soothe your soul, calm your mind, bring balance to your body and joy to your heart without ever feeling at risk, in danger, or unwelcome.

It means that showing care for your insides is something all of us deserve to have respected and revered, regardless of what we look like on the outside. And that feeling accepted for who we are and not being rejected because of how we look creates a strong, beautiful sense of self that enhances not only ourselves, but our interactions with every person we come in contact with. 

It means that building a community of caring, understanding, unity and tolerance across all color, gender, political, religious and ideological lines connects us in a way that nothing and no one can destroy. And that bond makes us stronger, more resilient, ever motivated — a beautiful force with which to be reckoned. 

Simply said? It makes the planet a place we all want to live.

Wellness is a full body, soul, mind, heart and spiritual journey. It is purposeful and positive, beautiful and inclusive. It plays no favorites, doesn’t see your race or gender, doesn’t care how much you make. If you’re willing to give to yourself, wellness comes. Period. Our universal health has been challenged by a pandemic that reminds us we are all equal. For a moment, that in itself, leveled the playing field. And then… ah, then… as the light at the end of that dark tunnel just began peeking out, the all too familiar reared its head, diminishing the solidarity. And for us at Sleep Club — a bonded team of different backgrounds, genders, races, colors and religious affiliations — it only heightens our desire to be there to support every single human being’s true sense of “health and wellness.”

So it is that today’s article takes a moment to share with all those out there that we are here for all living beings. There is nothing more important than the good health and thriving wellness of you all. It is our purpose. It is what every single one of you deserves.

And it’s as simple and real as that.

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