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‘Tis the Season: Wintry Spots Worth the Holiday Travel — Part 2

The Sleep Club Editors

Happy holidays and welcome to Part 2 of some interesting spots to make the most of the chilly season. For round deux, we’d like to present the ones we feel are worth the travel stress at this time of year that truly immerse you in winter’s cold embrace. All of them, yes, have snow or ice. This is because we are Los Angelenos and winter for us is hit and miss when it comes to seasons. Celebrating, escaping or relaxing in a snowy wonderland is something we like to do during the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter Solstice and at this time of giving, we’d like to share a few pretty cool places to go for next level teeth-chattering joy.


Steamboat Springs, Colorado 

What we love about Steamboat Springs isn’t a resort or hotel. It’s everything about its natural simplicity, rugged perfection; the lack of slick celebrity and love shown by the many Olympians who swarm there to hone their exquisite talent. The snow is called Champagne Powder® and yep, the trademark symbol is for real. Drifts are light and fluffy as opposed to heavy and wet, perfect for skiing and anything else your snow sport loving heart could desire. We recommend renting one of the many vacation homes in the area, really digging into what the town has to offer, and enjoying the wonder of a Rocky Mountain holiday.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselka, Finland 

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? If you have been so lucky, we salute you. If not, then consider doing so through the beveled glass of your very own igloo at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort near Finnish Lapland. Family owned and full of unique accommodations ranging from private homes, an incredible log cabin, ice and glass igloos dug deep into the snowy ground. You can experience the Midnight Sun as well as the glowing colors that fill the sky in this most northern part of the world and marvel at how amazing nature can be. 


Jay Peak Resort, Jay, Vermont

If your love of snow and winter cold is like ours — the sheer escapism from the everyday — then Jay Peak is a place we really think you’ll love. Although skiing and other cold weather sports hold a strong appeal for many holiday vacations, some of us are into everything else. Ice skating, snowball throwing and snowman making, creating snow angels, then warming yourself by a roaring fire while watching white stuff fall from the sky and drinking a hot toddy that fills your body with tingly goodness. From what we understand, Jay Peak in Vermont gets the most snow in the Northeastern U.S. and is a full-on relaxation haven. A spa will indulge your every rejuvenation whim amidst the glorious seasonal wonderland of the maple state.


Ice Hotels (Norway, Quebec, Alaska, Sweden, Romania, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, and...)

These miraculous experiences are carved across the world in the coldest parts of the globe during their season. One night is all you get in these amazing creations but it’s one that’s as amazing to sleep in as it is to look at. The designs used in each of the different rooms evoke a sense of delight and pure artistry, and winter’s chilly embrace works its way around you in a way you’ll never forget. The time and effort that goes into these purely seasonal escapes are apparent in every nook and cranny. Whether it’s the Icehotel in Sweden, Quebec’s Hôtel Glace or any one of the others throughout the world, laying down for a cold winter’s nap in frozen water is truly something to behold.


Duluth, Minnesota

Too often, when thinking of “Minnesota” people only think of bone chilling weather, the Vikings, Mall of America and FARGO. Don’t. Open your mind to the glories you’ll find in this magical state. It was made for wintry delights, full of so many amazing snowy diversions that you can enjoy a day of dogsledding just as much as you can cozying up to the fire with a strong hot toddy. It’s the town of the Duluth Winter Village — a one-weekend a year festival — and the Lake Superior Ice Festival and an area rich with resorts that offer you every possible way to enjoy the legendary snow surrounded by one of the nation’s iconic Great Lakes.


I’m dreaming of a…

Snow in L.A. is not unknown, but it’s such a rarity that when it happens, it feels like a dream. It also doesn’t stick to the ground and it’s gone in an instant. Finding a way to indulge any sort of flurried winter holiday is a treat for many of us who don’t get to experience it on a daily basis. It’s also why we here at Sleep Club value it so much — it’s not our everyday reality, it’s our adventure. Sure, we could jump in the car and take a quick drive up to the Angeles Crest Mountains and hope we’ve received enough rain to make it worth the trip or even indulge in some of our own spectacular nearby attractions such as Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake, Mammoth and Lake Tahoe (just to name a few). And, trust us, we love all of those places. This is simply offering some unique and out of the box possibilities to tempt the snow lover in you.

Whether you stay in your own backyard or you travel across the globe, take the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of this season. You deserve it.

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