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Unique Ways to Honor National Sleep Month

The Sleep Club Editors

Welcome to National Sleep Month, everyone! We are super excited, of course, and can’t wait to start celebrating. If you’re wondering how to do that, we have the scoop for you with 8 fun, relaxing, calming, soothing and sleepy ways to show your snoozy support of our very favorite month. Enjoy!


OMs away!

Grab your yoga mat, buy a new one or borrow one from a friend, pack your bags and go on a yoga retreat for a few days. It not only relaxes you, but helps you clear your mind, body and soul, leaving room for you-time, peace and total calm. You can take all of that blissful contentment back home to your bedroom and rejuvenate your sleep schedule. For some interesting ideas on full-on wellness retreats, give a look at some spots we highlighted back in January. They are definitely ahhhh-some…


“I will have the breakfast in bed with a side of lunch and dinner, please!”

Yes, I know. We always tell you to only use your bedroom for sleep and we do mean it. But we also know how cozy it can be to get into your favorite PJs, get under the covers and not move for an entire day while breakfast, lunch and dinner are brought to you. Food is delivered at all hours of the day lately and we strongly suggest you choose your fave morning, afternoon and night time dish to get all comfy and feel sated for an entire day. And if you’re able to work it out that you can do it for MORE than a day, well then, let us know. Because we want to be you when we grow up.


Bedroom, take me away!

All of our bedrooms should be the ultimate retreat from the craziness of our day-to-day. If yours isn’t — and we’re actually having an article all about that soon — then now is a fantastic time to refresh and relax your space. It doesn’t have to be a major makeover! A quickie suggestion? Clean your space — yep, get that clutter out because it keeps your MIND cluttered  — and make your bed. Simple. Then do something small and economical, like add a nice candle. From there you can bring in some flowers, maybe a nice throw pillow, a plush blanket, paint your walls, toss that old nightstand and get a new one, BUY A NEW BED, DIY A CANOPY!! Sorry, we got a little ahead of ourselves, but the bottom line is to make your room the place you want to escape to at the end of the day. 


Lights, camera, action — under the stars

We’re lovers of cinema over here at Sleep Club and there’s a lot to be said for sitting out under the stars and watching a good film. You snuggle up with your significant other, friend, family member, pet or your inner child and just enjoy the show. Of course, if you live in a part of the world where outside in March is NOT gonna happen, we have a solution — turn wherever you have your biggest television into a sleep-in movie, get yummy snacks to add to the viewing, get in your pajamas, wrap yourself in your squooshiest blankey and indulge. Hell, make a weekend of it! This is all about losing yourself to wonderful, glorious relaxation and a snooze here and there. Lovely.


Sleep away in style

We’re going to recycle because we believe so much in these spots. Back in November we brought you some ideas on places to go for a fantastic night’s sleep. Some of these are rather luxe, we admit, but some of them aren’t. During National Sleep Month, give one of these a shot as you pursue your best sleeping life. And we actually have another thought: if you don’t have the time, money or energy to travel right now, no worries. You know that whole thing about turning your bedroom into an escape? Well, turn the lights off, burn a candle and put on one of Jeff’s Sleeping Tapes or choose an instrumental getaway from one of Walter Werzowa’s many options at Healthtunes. You’ll feel yourself drifting away — and maybe even having some wonderfully vivid and unique dreams — before you know it.


A doze-y, blissful twofer!

This is something we are SOOOO excited about. Okay, so, have a pajama party AND take the Sleep Challenge from March 13-15. Yep, turn it into a whole event! The Sleep Challenge is all about seeing if you can stay in bed for 12-48 hours. The goal is to bring attention to sleep disorders and the need for a healthy night’s snooze. Adding the pajama party with friends and family just makes it more fun. Think about it — have people bring sleeping bags, blankets and pillows, blow up some inflatable cushions, put on some good music, have yummy food and drink and just hang. Oh, wait! If you add movies along with food for breakfast, lunch and dinner all while in bed… ? A twofer? That’s a FOUR-FER!


One sheep, two sheep, three sheeee…..zzzzzz

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to know if actually counting sheep makes me sleepy. So… go to a sheep farm or a petting zoo and count some sheep and see what happens. Or pet a horse. Or feed the animals. Or... There’s an actual point to all this. Working out in fresh air gets your blood flowing and works you out in such a way that by the end of the day, you’re ready for a good night’s sleep. Also, spending time with animals, loving on them, releases serotonin and dopamine in the brain, calming and relaxing you. We’ll dig more into pets and National Sleep Month in a couple of weeks, but even something as simple as going to the local park and watching the birds fly, the squirrels frolic — it soothes you and can even lower your blood pressure. Really.


Rest easy, National Sleep Month!

National Sleep Month is a beautiful time to remember to do something for yourself to help you feel and even look better. For us, every single day is a celebration of those humble eight hours — at least — we all need at night and we hope you take this time to embrace everything a good snooze has to offer.

That’s it from us for this week. Whew! We’re worn out. 

Before I dive into the next article, I think I’ll grab some...


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