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Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving

The Sleep Club Editors

We are deep in the winter holiday season and while gift giving may be on some people’s minds, figuring out how to make it to next year is taking center stage for many. Life continues to be and keeps getting complicated, and although there appear to be lights at the end of a very long tunnel, the road ahead remains unclear. One thing that feels true, however, is the idea of making the most of this holiday season by doing something special for ourselves and others. Turning the end of the year into a beacon of hope for a new day for as many people out there as possible is something we’ve been looking into here at Sleep Club. In case you’re still seeking unique ways to give some holiday cheer this winter, here are 5 “gifts that give back” ideas we’d like to share with all of you.


The family that cooks together saves restaurants together

Restaurants are hurting. It’s a sad fact. From the highest end to the local pub, eateries are struggling and the workers who were once able to boost their earnings through tips are in deep trouble. In addition to encouraging all of us to frequent spots that are still open for takeout or delivery, Guy Fieri and many others have risen to the challenge of keeping restaurant workers from falling too far by the wayside with their organization RERF (Restaurant Employee Fund). This holiday season, a new Kindle cookbook called FAMILY MEAL: RECIPES FOR OUR COMMUNITY was created to support that effort. With 50 recipes that well-known chefs and foodies cook at home with their own families, the book gives a sense of togetherness while supporting some very in need folk.


Dream a little dream of wishes coming true

Comfort is something we can often take for granted because so many of us have it. It’s at our fingertips or within our power to create easily and frequently if we put our minds to it. Sometimes, however, it isn’t as available as we would like. Whether it’s because our finances cause us to purchase things that are serviceable rather than luxe, our living situations aren’t ideal, or physical ailments make it difficult for us to get comfortable, when we are given the opportunity to relax, truly relax, it’s not only an amazing feeling but a real gift. Lush Décor has come up with a reversible Make-A-Wish Quilt Set that not only provides coziness to those who buy it but gives a portion of the proceeds to the Make-A-Wish America. In addition, Lush is also granting bedroom makeovers to the families of children dealing with life-threatening illness. And supporting a good night’s rest for all? Well, we’re all about it.


Grab-and-go never felt so good

This is a way to encourage the support of small businesses in need while keeping the earth clean by bringing your own shopping bag in one fell swoop. Uncommon Goods takes sweet artwork created by kids and turns it into The Rainbow Market Tote that you can use to carry the items you buy at the stores that desperately need your business during this interesting time. 100 percent of the profits from the purchase of the whimsical bag supports Americares and its COVID-19 efforts. And as a bit of a side note, Uncommon Goods has several items for purchase that support a variety of organizations — giving back while gifting beauty. Lovely.


A box of care to foster care

I don’t know if any of you ever went to summer camp, but I went every year and received the most amazing care packages from my mom that every kid in my cabin coveted. There was that feeling of warm love that overtook me every time I received one and that made every moment I was away from home worthwhile. Imagine feeling that way at university or in your adult life, getting a little gift of warm, fuzzy love dropped off at your doorstep once-a-month just as a reminder of how much someone cares for you. Sending Sun offers that with their Monthly Care Package filled with wonderful goodies to make whoever you send it to feel special and loved. Curated by college students for college students — and anyone else you want to send it to — it not only brightens the day of those in your life, but for every 10 care packages purchased, the company will send one to a teen in the foster care system so they can feel that warm hug when they need it most. 


And, finally… Feed your holiday cheer by feeding others

Hunger knows no age, gender, or neighborhood. The things you don’t know about what your neighbors may be facing are huge and the number of children going hungry out there is approximately 11 million in America on any given day. 11. Million. No Kid Hungry seeks to change that. This personal passion project of our own Jeff Bridges has a variety of ways to show your love to those special people in your lives while also ensuring children across the nation are given an opportunity for a hot meal. Whether it’s buying the somnolent, escape-worthy Sleeping Tapes Jeff voices or picking from one of the many options available through a variety of companies, holiday gifts that put food on the table for a child in any one of our neighborhoods across America are there for the asking.


Wishing us all holiday cheer

This year has been difficult, confusing and painful. And as far as all of us here at Sleep Club are concerned, now is the time to bring joy to as many people as possible whenever possible. So it is with true care that we wish you all love, safety, health, and a brighter tomorrow.

Happy, healthy holidays to all of you from all of us. We wish you joy.

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