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Our New Year’s Wish List for You

The Sleep Club Editors

2020 is ending. Not too soon, right? We all know this has been a difficult year in ways that most of us have never experienced before — and will hopefully never face again. Therefore, we wanted to take the time to share two big wishes sent from our heart to each and every one of you for 2021. 


Remember the lights in the dark

When the year began, many of us thought our biggest concerns would be the way the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election would play out, and how to get through another flu and severe weather season. Then, well, things hit the proverbial fan in a big, global way. We didn’t know how to move forward, and it just seemed to keep getting worse.

And yet, as we faced what felt to be an endless, dark tunnel, there were beautiful moments of pure light rising up to remind us how humans can rise above and be there for each other. 

Eight of our favorite things?

  • We were given “Some Good News” thanks to John Krasinski and friends
  • In the midst of the pandemic, essential workers went above and beyond for everyone in need and the world recognized their sacrifice by sounding horns, flashing lights, ringing bells, and bringing food to those stuck at their job and giving extra tips to delivery drivers
  • Video conferencing services — Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, you name it — connected us to those we could not see, helping us realize we could work and “reach out and touch” anyone from anywhere in the world
  • Neighborhoods rallied together to support local businesses and in the face of overburdened unemployment insurance offices, private citizens created funds to provide some financial relief to many jobless who fell through the cracks due to the pandemic
  • The old-time drive-in movie theater returned — and even Europe’s following suit
  • Americans showed up to vote in record numbers — electing the first Vice-President of color AND the first woman
  • People who barely even acknowledged each other when walking through their neighborhoods joined together for drive-by, socially distanced celebrations of special moments in local lives 
  • Our carbon emissions had a record drop. Sure, it’s because ALL OVER THE WORLD most stayed home and didn’t drive but, still… right?
  • The world banded together to fight racial injustice and a vaccine has not only been found, but is being rolled out

We know there are even more bright spots in the midst of this difficult time. Please let these eight prompt you to remember those moments that resonate most for you and then carry them with you to lighten your life whenever you need.


Believe and embrace that you are not alone

If the past year has shown us one thing, it’s that none of us are alone. We are part of a global community of shared experience and as we recognize and understand that, we realize Ubuntu.

What is that exactly? Well, as Global Citizen explains, this South African philosophy shows "that we are all connected and that one can only grow and progress through the growth and progression of others.” Basically, Ubuntu means “I am as you are, your burdens are my burdens, your joys are my joys, I carry as you carry.” Even if we have been stuck in our home by ourselves, if we’ve been separated from our loved ones, everything that has gone on has shown that we are connected in far more ways than we even knew. The things that have gone down have revealed how we are truly here on the planet with and for each other. 

Believe us when we say, we know it’s been rough all the way around, no matter who you are or your circumstance. And so, we wish for you to believe, embrace and know that you are not alone. You have a community all around you and we wish you to always know and feel this because it is there even if you can’t see it.

Ubuntu is there.


Looking to the horizon

As 2021 arrives, these are our wishes for you. Keep the lights on in your heart to brighten you along the way and believe and embrace that you are part of a global community that will beautifully be there for you as you are there for it.

Happy New Year.

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