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Living Your Best Sleeping, Waking, Dreaming Life in the New Year

The Sleep Club Editors

So begins 2020 and in that is our hope for a better sleeping, waking, dreaming life. What does that mean? How do we accomplish that so we can keep up with it throughout the year? Succeed at it?

Well… Here are just a few tips to start your new year fully immersed and embracing the three things we here at Sleep Club believe in most.


Sleeping… well

Turn off the television. Put away your phone. Stay nice and hydrated and turn down your thermostat. Cozy up in your favorite linens. Bring your best furry friend in close for a cuddle. And… 

Slow your breath. Go to bed at the same time every night. Wake at the same time every morning and find your rhythm.

Try it nightly. Give yourself over to the calm of the night and allow yourself to drift. And each time, it’ll get easier to drift away and truly find yourself relaxing, resting…

Sleeping well is a gift and a joy. It sets you up in the best possible way to be truly present in what the day brings with the sunrise.


Living a fulfilling waking life

Okay, we’ll be honest. When it comes to the life you choose to live once you wake up and get out of bed, we wouldn’t dream of telling you how to do that for you. Each of us has a different trigger — our own little piece of bliss that inspires and delights those moments spent in our day-to-day. 

Each path is different, right? The journey we have isn’t the same as yours and even if it were, how we walk it won’t be how you choose to take it on. However, there are things we all learn that come in handy on life’s road —

Enjoy as much as you can. Smile often. Discover and be curious. Love. A lot. Laugh every chance you get and eat really good food that makes you happy. 

Indulge your creativity, whatever that is, and try new things. Even if it’s changing up how you go to and from work in the morning, surprise yourself. 

Do something you’ve always wanted to do and don’t let your age, finances, or anything stand in your way. It’s amazing how resourceful and giving to ourselves we can be when we truly put our hearts into it. 

Sooo… we could also suggest specific ways to go about setting up a foundation for sustained blissful living but we won’t. We really do believe the actual “hows” of brightening up your waking life are completely up to you. Sharing some of the basics that we’ve learned along the way, however, seems pretty simple and just like with training your sleep, if you train yourself in your waking life to embrace what you enjoy more, it will become a welcome habit. And when it does that, well, it can bring about some wonderful wish fulfillment.


Dream a little dream of thee

There are the dreams we lose ourselves in when we sleep and those we conjure when we wake. Each are as important as the other and both have just as much meaning.

A vibrant dreaming life while we slumber tells us a lot about ourselves. In our sleep, we can figure out problems, get inspiration, overcome obstacles and discover insights into ourselves and more. Anything can happen in our dreams when we’re sleeping, right? BUT…

Anything can also happen in the dreams we have for what we want out of life. The difference is that those are the ones that we can turn into a reality, manifest our destinies and build upon when we’re awake. It may seem unattainable or perhaps you don’t know where to start. That, to us, is the best place to begin. Why?

Well, there’s an excitement in that, an energy that gets us pumped. Having something to look forward to gets our juices flowing and once that happens, what was once seemingly out of reach suddenly feels doable.


Bring your dreams out into the light of day and begin to think of them as reachable goals rather than wild imaginings. Then strategize, plan and put one mindful step in front of the other to climb up to them, slowly, methodically and focused. You may stumble from time to time as you go for them. You may even fall, but you can take what you learn down there and carry it with you on your way up to it. You may even find your dream changes as you go for it and become something wholly unique and new. All that means is you can look at it and realize you are actually doing something about bringing it to fruition instead of keeping it only as this far off maybe. And the doing will become, yep, a habit as well.


On we go

Just a little something to help you start the new year off right and hopefully set you up for blissful sleeping, waking and dreaming. We’re all on this path together and discovering what 2020 has in store is a journey we’re excited to be taking.

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