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Ring in 2020: Dream Team New Year’s Resolution

The Sleep Club Editors

2020. The end of one decade; the start of another. New Year’s is one of those times when we face the future with hope and new purpose and we let go of what was in pursuit of what will be.


It’s also time for us to make promises we hope to keep in the new year, goals for what’s to come. The practice began back in the time of the Babylonians, resolutions made to the gods, and has kept on today through Julius Caesar changing the start of the new year from March — the time of crop planting — to January — in honor of the god, Janus, whose two faces symbolize one looking to the future and one looking to the past. While they started out as religious pledges, resolutions have gone far beyond people promising pagan gods they’ll pay their debts and return things they borrowed from their neighbors to making vows to change, fix, enhance, etc. a whole slew of things.

In honor of the new year, some of our Dream Team shared their wishes for the last year of the decade. We hope it inspires your new day and beyond.


Isabelle Boesch Bridges

My new year’s resolution is: when in doubt, focus out. So I am declaring to focus on how I can serve my peeps in 2020 rather than what I can get from my peeps.


Amy Swift Crosby

I don’t really make resolutions for the new year, but I do set intentions around the new moons. The New Year for me is about reflection on the past year. What was learned. What was gained. What was lost. What do I need to take from this time. When I look ahead at the next year, I know it will be full of things I can’t predict, so I basically do what I do every day, which is wish for things, check my true desire to have them, feel what it would feel like if they came true and then give them away to the greater mind, god, the divine — there are many names for this energy system. But it’s no more true at the new year than it is everyday.


Carla Morris

To share the compassion and humanity that the world is missing.


Jessica Hagen

I had my second child this year, so my resolution is to work hard to feel good in my body again. I love exercising and feeling strong and I plan to continue doing so to reach my goals. 


Sarah Brokaw

I am turning 50 in 2020 so I am determined to do/try something new every week for 52 weeks until I turn 51.


Kelsey Searles

Put my phone down.


Rose Bridges

Me, too (see Kelsey’s).


As we go quietly into this new year...

At Sleep Club, we're looking forward to the next decade, embracing everything life has to offer, striving to bring each and every one of you the most beautiful, unique ways to enjoy the best sleep, most vivid and inspiring dreams, and fulfilling waking life possible. And for us? That is our resolution.

Happy New Year. May 2020 bring you blissful sleep, dreams realized and amazing waking moments.

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